Welcome to Oaklands School.  We hope that this website gives you some information about our exciting school.

Weekly Newsletter

School is OPEN as normal.

Swimming Timetable

Tuesday        Year 5 every week

Thursday      Year Group swim 
                        Year 3 swim Term 1
                        Year 2 swim Term 2
                        Year 1 swim Term 3
                        Year R swim Terms 4-5
                        Year 6 swim Term 6

Friday            Year 4 every week

What makes Oaklands unique? 

We are so lucky to have fantastic facilities and opportunities here at Oaklands.  Take a look at some things which your child gets to enjoy as part of the Oaklands TEAM.

Watch this short video giving a sneaky peek into the wonderful day of the Oaklands TEAM!

Find our more about the school on one of our social media channels.