Writer in Residence

We are lucky to have our own Writer in Residence working with our children and Families. Sarah Hehir is an local writer and playwright who has written for various audience and forms including poetry, BBC radio plays as well as critically acclaimed plays.

Each week, Sarah works with various groups throughout the school on creating amazing writing and performances.

The Recording Studio

A poem by The Lunchtime Club (Y6)

‘Is it Tuesday?’ Lee thinks before he’s even quite awake.

His sleeping fingers push up the buttons on the main mix

and press 2TR USB to main, ready to record.

The microphones wait. Maths must come first and literacy.

But some time after lunch, it’s real.

Lee’s voice committed to CuBase and to history.

Kent Literacy Awards Winners!

Our school has been a winner for three years in a row for its work in Literacy. Our Writer in Residence scheme has won Kent Literacy Awards for its impact on Writing and the community as well as our ground breaking Radio station.