Oaklands TEAM Values

At Oaklands, we have a clear set of Values which we have developed with the entire school.

These not only help guide us on how we all interact, they help guide us in shaping our children so that they leave our school as positive and well rounded members of our community.  Our Values are:

I try my hardest in everything I do.  I challenge myself to try new things.

I believe I can do it if I try. I learn from my mistakes to become even better.

I don’t give up.  I always have a go.

I can work by myself.  I know when to ask for help.  I take responsibility for my own actions.

I treat all people kindly.  I look after everything and everyone.

I ask questions and want to learn the answers.  I take charge of my own learning.


Home School Agreement

When you choose to join the Oaklands TEAM, you will sign our Home-School Agreement which outlines what these values mean for the school, the child and the parent.