Prospective Year R Children and Parents


Choosing the right school for your child is very important.  It hopefully will be the start of seven years working together and so you need to make sure it is the right one for you. 

To find our more, make an appointment to come and see the school.  You will have a 1:1 tour of the school with the head teacher so you can find out about our exciting school and also tell us more about your child. 

Make an appointment on our Admissions Page.

Start following the school

A good way to find out more about the school is to follow us on either Facebook or Twitter.  We upload photos and information about the school which will give you an insight into the daily life.

Have a look around the school

Quiet Area

In the middle of the school is the quiet area.  We use this for picnics or for our learning.

The Large Hall

The large hall is where we have our assemblies or take part in PE

The Small Hall

This hall is also used for assemblies and PE but also this is where the Sunrise and Sunset clubs are held.


This area is for our RWI session.  We have these pods which we use for Phonics every day.  We work in small groups to practice the reading and writing of sounds.



The school has lots of outside spaces for the children to use.  As well as the fields, we also have a large woods area for the children to enjoy.

Virtual tours

In this section, you can take virtual tours of the spaces and classrooms which the Year R will mainly use.  Its not as good as a real life nosey around but will give you a sense of how the school looks.

Enjoy all of the facilities the school has to offer.


Classroom and our café!

This is one of our classrooms and also our new café area.  We use this to prepare and cook food and to have our snacks and lunch.


The library is open the children for us to read and borrow books.


This is where we use computers to communicate and learn about other places.

Outside Area

The outside area is one of the most exciting places to learn.  Out here, the children can learn but in bigger, messier and more exciting ways!

Classroom and Shared Space

This is the other of our classrooms and the shared space where we can learn in our role play or build with construction.

The Oaklands Team

In these videos, you will get a taste of an everyday year at Oaklands.  Although we are working slightly differently to normal at the moment, we try and make sure everything is as normal as possible.  Even in the height of lock down, we have continued to run what makes Oaklands special even if we have had to be creative and use technology such as our virtual assemblies and Sports Day.

For a further insight into The Oaklands Team, visit our Youtube channel where you can watch lots of everyday videos such as the virtual assemblies, learning from the children and much more.