Outdoor School

We are extremely lucky to have fantastic grounds at Oaklands. With our very own woods, the children get to enjoy the benefits of forest School. From ‘Muddy Mondays’ through to ‘Forest Fridays’, the children get the benefit from learning outside.

Forest School

We are lucky enough to have our very own woods on the school site.  Mrs Brace is out Level 3 trained Forest School Teacher. 

Digging Day

The communtiy came together for a day of digging.  The day created KS2 Tyre Park which the children love playing on.

Meadow and Allotments

Thanks to acquiring grants, we are working on two projects this year. the first is a development of a Wildlife Meadow to encourage and learn about bio diversity. The second is the creation of allotments so each year group will have a space to plant and grow their own food to cook with


Litter is a huge problem which not only looks horrid, injuries and kills wildlife it also cost us all money- a massive £72 a minute!

Our Eco-monitors are part of our bit to helping protect our planet. They work with the community to make sure that we are all educated about the damage we can do as well as working to make our community eco-friendly.

Click on this link to see a short video about Littergram