Junior Leadership Team

The Junior Leadership Team are representatives from all classes who are part of the school school’s drive for improvement. They are active in taking the lead and engaging with the other leaders in making decisions which help make the school even more successful.

At the start of each year, all the children are eligible to put themselves forward for the role. The children then vote for who would best represent them as part of the JLT.

Having a real voice

We aim for the JLT to be a real part of the School Leadership. We use ‘The Ladder of Participation’ to aim for the perfect blend of adults and young people working together for the best of the school.

This year, the JLT has completed the following activities:

  • Elected their chair person
  • Reviewed the anti-bullying policy and survey
  • Reviewed the Positive Behaviour Policy
  • Written the Children’ Friendly Positive Behaviour Policy