Being Active

Being physically active is one of the most important aspects for a child development and their health.  At Oaklands, we are lucky to have extensive space and facilities to ensure children have opportunities to be active. 

Our playing fields and running track create the perfect opportunity for sports and learning the skills of being an Athlete.  Over the year, they will take part in a range of team games and sports as well as learning the skills of gymnastic and dance. 

The skills are taught in their lessons in the following way:

The Running Track

Our custom made Running Track allows our children the opportunity to develop their running skills.  Six laps allows the children to run a mile or for those looking for speed they can sprint on the 60m four lane track.  The children use this throughout their day including at play and lunch times.

The Mighty Oaks

Our sporting team are called ‘The Mighty Oaks’.  Any children can join the Mighty Oaks Team and represent our school in various competitions.

Mini Youth Games

Each year the ‘Mighty Oaks’ take part in the Medway Mini Youth Games. We focus on participation and allowing as many children as possible access to compete.