Being a Writer

Another key skill for children to develop is writing.  Not only learning the important knowledge of effective transcription but also  have the knowledge to be able to communicate and express themselves through their writing.

Writing is taught across a range of opportunities.  We focus on the children developing the knowledge of transcription and composition.  Not only will the children enjoying ‘Being a Writer’ but also they will apply their writing in other subjects and experiences.

When being a writer, the key is having a real life audience and purpose and so the children will publish their own work and share with others. 

When being a writer, the children’s skills are developing through these steps: 

Kent Literacy Awards Winners!

Writer in Residence

We are lucky to have our own Writer in Residence working with our children and Families. Sarah Hehir is an local writer and playwright who has written for various audience and forms including poetry, BBC radio plays as well as critically acclaimed plays.

Each week, Sarah works with various groups throughout the school on creating amazing writing and performances.