Oaklands TEAMs

The children at Oaklands choose their name for the year based on British animals creating their team identify for the year.  

As well as that, the classes work across their year group and phases of the school in the school teams- Beech, Cedar, Sycamore and Willow. 

As staff, we all work in teams across phases in the school.  Here is a list of all the staff and which team they work in. 

The Early Years Team

Nursery teachers                 Louise Brace (mornings)                                     Steph Cullum (afternoons from Jan)

Reception teachers             Luci Gould                                                             Caroline Collier-Ward (Leader)       

Learning Mentors                Barbara Scott                                                        Alicia Manewell

                                                Katie Self                                                               Tandi Munson

                                                Julie Planner                                                         Eileen Nash


The Key Stage 1 Team

Year 1 teachers                    Kim Smith (M-W)                                                Michaela Williams

                                                Rachel Humphrey (T-F)

Year 2 teachers                    Kerry Chappell (Leader)                                     Levi Winton

Mentors                                 Caroline Grant                                                      Lisa Dudman

                                                Allison Nye                                                            Luke MacMillan


The Lower Key Stage 2 Team

Year 3 teachers                    Karen Albert                                                         Laura Brown

Year 4 teachers                    Sam Coomber (Leader)                                      Mary Shears

Learning Mentors                Andrea Quarrington                                            Nadine Coulson

                                                Tara Francis                                                          Michelle Shepherd             


The Upper Key Stage 2 Team

Year 5 teachers                    Nadine Obray                                                       Georgia Bowie

Year 6 teachers                    Gary Tovell (Leader)                                           Sophia Amir                                                                                          Charlotte Collins                                 

Teaching Assistants             Shelley Carter                                                       Kerry-Anne Barlow             

                                                Sarah Komorrowski                                             Julie Pyne


The Inclusion Team

HLTA                                       Marie Bethel

Sports                                     Lee Irving

Family Liaison Officer         Carol Curtis

Speech & Language             Sarah Post

Play Therapist                       Donna McCray    


The Admin & Site Team

School Business Manager  Liz Stamp

Secretaries                            Leigh Cawe (Attendance)

                                Diane Mills (Admissions)

Admin Apprentice               Curtis Gray

IT technician                         Steve Shears

Senior Caretaker                  Peter Ford

Maintenance Caretaker

Crossing patrol                     Jane Henson


The Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher                         Barry Symons

Deputy Head                         Catherine McLaughlin (Outcomes for pupils, Personal development & welfare)

Assistant head                      Louisa Jones (Teaching, Learning & Assessment)

Assistant Head                     Gillie Russell (Inclusion & SEND)