Oaklands Radio

At Oaklands, we run our own Radio Station.

The children write and produce their own range of formats for the radio show which plays throughout lunchtime and can be listened to on-line via Soundcloud or by clicking the links at the bottom of this page.

We now have lighting and electricity in our recording studio – nicknamed ‘The Bunker’. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, Key Stage 2 will get the chance to come in and learn the technical ropes as recording their own version of Radio 4’s The Listening Project. After Christmas, Key Stage 1 will get the opportunity to become writers, presenters and producers too. Exciting times!

Check out our Soundcloud page here

Listen on-line

Oaklands Listening Project

Weekly conversations that build a unique picture of our school and the people in it.

Nursery Christmas Party

Jingle Bells with Year R

Merry Christmas with Year R

Big Ideas

What’s New – carbon emissions, state visits and friendship discos.

Post Election

Pets and Elections Chloe and Josh

The Big Day Holly and Max

Election Blake and Nicole

American Election Katie and Riley

What’s New? Election Special with Max Mayne

Things We’re Good At – a conversation between Riley and Shaeyla

Super Spooky Halloween – Regan and Leyla discuss Halloween and the school disco

New to this School – Frankie and Indiana compare their time at Oaklands

The Good Game Show – Jaidon and Mikey chat about games and gaming

Friendship – Ben and Obray discuss friendship and what it means to them

Poppies – Summer and George share their writing about Remembrance Day

Documentaries, News and Interviews

King Barber
A blend of interview and fantasy with a local business man.

Your Mood – a weekly interview show

Post election comment and opinions

Your Mood – Oct 14th

Lee interviews Year 6 about their residential

Your Mood – Oct 7th

Lee speaks to Emily about Brompton Academy

What’s New? – news from Oaklands, Medway and the wider world

What’s New? Christmas Special

From Christmas around the world to the traditions inside our own homes.

What’s New? – Oct 14th

Harvest, clowns and hurricanes

Spoken word

Book Week 2017

Year 1 Creative Response – The Enormous Crocodile

What if a crocodile writes a terrible recipe? What if a poem tells of two children even hungrier than a crocodile?

Book at home-time in 5 short parts – The Giant Cupcake: created by Asma (Year 5) Alexis (Year 2) and Dylan (Year 1); written by Asma and performed by the team.

Outside the Box

Weekly poetry programme showcasing a wide range of poetry and spoken word.

Leo’s show about poetry and personification

Layla’s Poetry Performed

Year 3 and 4’s Poetry Programme

Twenty-Three Submarines (14.10.16)

National Poetry Week (07.10.16)

Fiction Addiction

Stories, flash fiction and radio drama

Crazy Coconuts Radio Drama Project Oaklands School

Lisa and Mr Bugley Radio Drama Project Walderslade Primary

Lisa and the Underground Boarding School Radio Drama Project Horsted Primary

Stories from the Library

A Christmas Story

Harvey Slumfenberger’s Christmas Present – you can find this book in our library!

Rebel Girls

The Haunted Bunker

A spooky story in weekly episodes

Episode 1 – ghostly sounds

Episode 2 – What’s going on?


Talking Tunes

Talking Tunes Dec 6th – a new music show by Max Mayne

Brass Special Talking Tunes with Max Mayne